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                                                  HOLIDAY HUSTLLE 20 (Dec) 

IMPORTANT ...Please follow the below Instructions.

1. Please use Desktop/Laptop to complete all registrations, as mobile phones and tablets may not work.

2. Fill in the below form & Submit

3. Once you hit the " Submit" button you will be re-directed to Checkout to purchase 1 of 2 types of passes...

$102 ( Studio Passes limited ) Early Bird $92 (Online Only Program) Early Bird ****Prices will increase at 12pm on Nov 24th to $97 & $107, There will be an additional increase on Dec 1st  to $102 & $112  

4. Registration will be complete once form and passes have been completed and purchased.

December 4th -23rd



Choose your pass and train at  home (live) or 

inside The  Rebel Studio  (285 Progress, unit 10)

Training Times ..Monday & Wednesdays at  6:45pm &

at Saturdays 9:30am

*Classes for strength,endurance, and Mobility

*New 20 Day Wellness Calendar & Goal Challenge

*Modifications for all fitness levels

*Positive Results Guaranteed!!!


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